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Producers of COREFLOOR Hollow-Core Slab

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South Bend, IN  46614

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about our product


StresCore, Inc. produces Ultra-Span Prestressed Hollow-Core Slabs.

The StresCore hollowcore system utilizes the compressive strength of concrete with the high tensile strength of steel strand. Slabs are produced at the factory under rigid quality control conditions, then shipped to the job site for incorporation into the structure, for a proven efficient and fast method of construction.

Additional advantages of a StresCore hollowcore system are:

Fire Rating/Thermal Resistance/Low Sound Transmission

Immediate Work Deck/Attractive Interiors/All Weather Construction

LEED Certification

For more detailed information please visit our Technical Data section.

StresCore hollowcore has a proven track record with over 7,000 completed jobs. Visit our StresCore News section to view a few of our completed projects.

mission statement

StresCore is committed to providing quality service performed by quality people.

The plant and office are located in South Bend Indiana with a capacity of producing in excess of 1,500,000-square feet of hollow-core per year.  StresCore has been in business since 1969 with over 7,000 completed projects incorporating over 60,000,000-square feet of hollow-core product. 

StresCore's major marketing area consists of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Projects have been supplied as far east as New York City, as far south as Corpus Christi, Texas, and as far north as Canada.  StresCore is fully certified by the Prestressed Concrete Institute, Inc. (P.C.I.), both as a producer and erector. 

We are also a full member of the P.C.I. Central Region.

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